Turkish Orchard Project

Turkish Orchard Project

Advancing Organic Biology for a Sustainable Future


Project Information

Turkey has some of the world’s oldest apple orchards, and also some of the world’s most degraded soils. Todd Harrington was approached to create a Soil Biology fertility program to restore a 593-acre apple orchard in the heart of Anatolia. Biological complete compost and liquid compost extract were made on-site using local indigenous feedstock.

Turkish Orchard

Location: Turkey
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Project Accomplishments

-Targeted Soil Biology treatments were made on-site from compost. Ingredients were collected from local materials and minerals. Equipment was custom-built locally.

-Unique Biology treatments were created for foliar sprays, drip irrigation systems, and row applications.

-Compost successfully increased fungal growth, a necessity for better tree crop production.

-Systems and protocols were put in place that could sustain and scale up Biological treatments across the Orchard.

"We owe it to the future to farm sustainably today."
T. Harrington