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Here you can get Biologically Verified Compost Extract Systems & Continues Flow-Through (CFT) Bins.

Harrington’s Organic Land Care Equipment offers reliable, eco-friendly liquid compost systems and worm flowthrough bins to help you sustainably provide a healthy, natural way to enrich your soil!

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Harringtons Organic Land Care - Continues Flow-Through (CFT) Bins
Harrington's Organic Land Care Compost Extract Systems

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Compost Extract Systems

Harrington’s Organics offers one of the world’s most efficient compost extract systems, which can be set up with brewer systems for capacities of more than 20,000 gallons of extract per day.

Importance Of Water Quality

There are several parts of making a good liquid compost extract. Each part must be actively tested for its ability to positively or negatively impact the final quality of your compost extract. We are dealing with live populations of microorganisms that can affect pest, plants, soil, nutrient cycling and water quality. We must pay attention to the water and the contents of chlorine and chloramine or the populations of E. Coli. Most municipal water treatment plants are adding chloramine into water. The chloramines and chlorine help prevent biofilm and bacteria from building up inside the pipes and water supply. If you get water with any anti-microorganisms agent, you are going to be killing the organisms that you are trying to extract from the compost. So, you have to make sure to neutralize and gas off those kinds of compounds.

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Continues Flow-Through (CFT) Bins

Harrington’s Organics offers one of the world’s most efficient Continues Flow-Through (CFT) Bins.

Continuous Flow-Through (CFT) bins are top quality worm bins that provide a simple and efficient way to produce nutrient-rich compost. By combining the features of traditional composting with an automated system, CFT bins offer an effective solution for those looking to create high-quality compost quickly and easily.

The key feature of CFT bins is the continuous flow of material through the bin, which helps to ensure that the worms remain healthy and productive. The continual movement of material within the bin also helps speed up the process of breaking down organic matter into usable compost faster than other methods. Additionally, CFT bins reduce odor by keeping oxygen moving freely within the bin due to its design, while also providing enough surface area for worms to feed on as they break down waste materials into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

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