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"Driven By Science"

Since 1987


President, CT Supervisory & Arborist S-3063, Soil Foodweb Life Consultant Advisor, NOFA Author, and Accredited

Consulting Expert

Todd Harrington

For the past 30 years Todd has built an honest and solid relationship with his customers. It takes a special person to be an organic land care pioneer. Todd has helped, revolutionize organic land care. He has co-authored the nation’s first organic land care standards and travels the world as a soil consultant. He has over 35 years’ experience in the Green Industry and has 30 years’ experience focused on Organic plant care. His work with soil microbiology and soil chemistry helps provide scientific basis for successful organic soil management practices and applications. He has taught in the NOFA Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care since 2004.

"Working With Harrington's Is A Lifetime Investment"


Three Decades of Restoring Productive Soils

 Todd Harrington has worked over the last 3 decades to transform land care and farming with Soil Biology. His projects have spanned the globe, and range from small lawn projects to farms as large as 100,000+ acres.

Soil Biology

Soil is more than minerals and nutrients. It is a web of life held together by symbiotic and predatory relationships of microorganisms, plants, and animals.
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Farming without tilling. Saving soil, saving water, saving lives. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants which lead to healthy animals and humans
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Lab Testing

Harrington’s certified Soil Food Web Laboratory offers chemistry analysis of your soils which evaluates the levels of nutrients in your soil.
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Business Consulting

We are creating a relationship with you so we can carry out forensics and solve problems on your land through productive Soil Biology.
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Save Money, Save the Environment


What if you could grow better plants, spend less, and get record yields without chemicals or fertilizers?

When Chemicals & Fertilizers Fail

Many growers today are spending record sums on pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, seeds, and equipment…and yet, they’re barely breaking even.

What's The Alternative

Not only are fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides expensive…they can damage the ecosystem that your soil fertility depends on. To grow healthy plants, you need to establish a healthy Soil Food-web.


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