Sustainable Services Idaho Project

Sustainable Services Idaho Project

Advancing Organic Biology for a Sustainable Future


Project Information

Farmers often live on razor-thin margins. One year of bad weather, or one bad crop can often cancel out years of hard work. One main factor is that chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMO seeds, and herbicide costs eat into farmers’ profit margins, while yields stay the same or decrease year after year. Todd was approached by Sustainable Services Idaho to conduct Biological trials across 25,000+ acres of production. From pastures to alfalfa, potatoes, and beans, the Biological methods set up by Todd saw remarkable results across the board…which meant lower costs, higher yields, and more resilient plants.

Sustainable Services Idaho

Location: USA
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Project Accomplishments

• Farmers are able to dramatically reduce costs by replacing fertilizers with compost, compost tea, and compost extract.

• 42% potato yield increase.

• 136% Pea yield increase

• 42% Beet Yield Increase with a 4% sugar content increase.

• 25% weight gain increase in cattle.
• Increased protein content in the grass from 4 to 6%

• Reduced compaction from 300 to 100psi

• Reduced diseases across vegetable fields.

"Farming sustainably is not just an environmental responsibility, it's an ethical commitment to our collective future."
T. Harrington