Governors Island New York Project

Governors Island, New York Project

Advancing Organic Biology for a Sustainable Future


Project Background

In 2014, two world-renowned landscape architecture companies approached Todd Harrington
with a bold proposition. They needed to transform 42 acres of concrete rubble into a native
polyculture ecosystem. In just two years, Todd carried out the Biological transformation of the
park in record time. Now, the park is a cherished site in New York City and an example of how
the land can be restored using good design and Biological methods.

Governors Island, New York

Location: USA
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Shown below: Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Governor Island from a bird's eye view. See the amazing transformation after the completion of this ambitious project!

The Governors Island project of 2014, led by Todd Harrington, has proven to be a successful venture in restoring the former military post off the southern tip of Manhattan to its original glory. In collaboration with the National Park Service, this ambitious effort sought to create a new public park and recreational area for visitors and residents of New York City alike.

Harrington’s vision was realized when construction on the project began in May of 2014, turning 42 acres into a breathtaking park made up of luscious gardens, lush lawns, and pathways connecting two historical forts. With an emphasis placed on sustainability, energy efficiency played a vital role in the design process. This included solar panel installation and efforts to capture rainwater for use onsite.

Shown below: Recap of the 2014 Governor Island New York Project

"The regenerative beauty of Governor's Island and its Diversity in compost creates a more varied and resilient ecosystem, leading to healthier and more productive soil."
T. Harrington