The Abu Dhabi UEA Date Palm Project

The Abu Dhabi UEA Date Palm

Advancing Organic Biology for a Sustainable Future


Project Information

Only recently have sustainable agricultural practices been implemented to create an organic, environmentally-friendly way of growing this iconic tree. In their report on the Abu Dhabi UEA Date Palm Project, Todd Harrington and the team hope to make their findings known so that other agricultural scientists can apply these methods and achieve similar results in other regions of the world where the date palm thrives.

Project Information

Location: Abu Dhabi UEA
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The Treatment Process

Date Palms are a source of national pride in Abu Dhabi. That’s why when the largest date palm orchard in the country was struggling, the Royal Family reached out to Todd Harrington and a group of soil biologists to restore their struggling trees. Todd’s group used Biological compost treatments and innovative planting methods to restore the struggling orchard back to health.

"Farming the future starts with planting the seeds of sustainability today!"
T. Harrington