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York Farms, Illinois

York Farms/Agribio Systems, Illinois

180 million acres of the U.S. are under Corn and Soy production. Most of these farms use chemical fertilizers, tillage, herbicides, and pesticides, causing widespread soil degradation. Adam York and Brad Hobrock wanted to change that, so they approached Todd Harrington to help them design Biological systems for their 35,000 acres of Corn and Soy. Todd, Adam, and Brad set out on an ambitious project to not only convert York Farms but create a model for Biological farm conversion that could scale across the U.S. and the world. Now, 100,000 surrounding acres are being treated with the Biological products designed by Todd and Agribio Systems.


-A compost hub established on the farm, with a capacity of 40,000 gallons of Biological extract per day. Neighboring farms can be serviced and supplied with Biological products.

-A Biological extract application system that can be applied to large fields with spray rigs or Fertigation.

-Massive Savings with an application of Biological extract, $1,000,000+ saved by cutting Nitrogen on 10,000 acres of York Farms.

-Corn health improved on fields using non-GMO seed and Biological Extract.

-BRIX of Corn Plants increased from 8 to 14

-Increase of root zones, earthworms, and beneficial fungi found in fields treated with Biological extract.

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